Pick-up Dogs How Two Rescue Dogs Save the West from Being Won

The Quickest, Shortest but Steepest Way to Paradise

The Welcome Pass trail up to the High Divide gains 2500 feet of elevation in just 2.5 miles. This is a quad burner and a Stair Master for the soul. Lu, Kirsten and I slowly plodded up to the High Divide with its glorious views of Mt. Shuksan, Mt. Baker, and the North Cascades while Marcos stayed at home still recovering from his knee surgery. Mar got the green light from his doctor and will be hiking soon again. But his comeback tour will not be on the steep path to Welcome Pass. Though short, it’s a doozy.


Almost there. This is the first peek of the peak of Mt. Shuksan and its glaciers as you approach the top.


Happy girl. Alive in the Mountains.


Super Lu with her lightning bolt.


The girls catching their breath.


The flowers and a bug (skeeter) of the High Divide.



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