Pick-up Dogs How Two Rescue Dogs Save the West from Being Won

Images of author and dogs

Author and dogs

The Adventure Buddies are:

In addition to being an animal and nature lover, Kendall Whitney has been a professor, a therapy dog handler, a translator, a mannequin dresser, a telemarketer, a door-to-door salesman, a nurse’s aide, a street canvasser, a dishwasher and a chef. After stints in San Francisco, Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica, Ireland, Vermont and Kansas, he now lives in Bellingham, Washington where he is the chief storyteller for the oldest fishermen’s cooperative in North America. Find exceptional fish caught on hook and line by small boat fishermen who roam the waters of the North Pacific at www.AlaskaGoldBrand.com.







Marcos is, as far as we know, a greyhound/Lab who spent eight months at a shelter before being adopted. He works as a certified therapy dog at a local psychiatric facility, hospice and several assisted living centers.






Lupe is a flat-coated retriever/border collie mix that was found abandoned on the wheat fields of Kansas. When she is not surveying her backyard, she can be found roaming the Mount Baker Wilderness Area, the Chuckanut Mountains, and the open spaces of the western United States. 






Kirsten Drickey, a native of the Sunflower State of Kansas, is our web designer, editor and navigator. In her free time, she is a Spanish professor, a tree lover and a bird watcher in Bellingham, Washington.

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